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EPTA company and its activity

EPTA Company is part of the Miqesia sh.p.k. group. EPTA began its activity building a simple line of classic soap production. Later, thanks to the continuing and substantial investments of the Jakupi family, sole owner of the company, EPTA has proven considerable growth and development that has turned it into a leader in the Albanian market place in the field of detergents of all kinds and hygiene products. The introduction in the market of the well known consumer brands Nel, Bril, and Epta, is a clear indication of the persistent and serious work performed during these years. The continued renovation and modernization of the production machinery has been and still is one of the goals of our company. This comes as a consequence of the high demand and strong competition in the Albanian market. The activity of the company encompasses all aspects of cleanliness and hygiene beginning with the environment that surrounds us to personal hygiene through quality products and solutions that conform to all European standards.




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