EPTA Automat – EPTA hand washables EPTA AUTOMAT

Its formula contains four enzymes that remove the hardest stains without damaging your clothes. EPTA AUTOMAT contains activators that aid in washing clothes even at low temperatures. After washing, clothes are their whitest. ETPA AUTOMAT comes in a 3kg box or plastic container is still affordable in 750 gram bags. Washing temperatures with EPTA AUTOMAT start at 30 degrees Celcius, for delicates and colored clothes, and go to 90 degrees C for cotton whites, table clothes, etc. EPTA AUTOMAT is a washing powder that removes all stains without trace. EPTA AUTOMAT powders have a lasting aroma even after washing. Because of its active formula, EPTA AUTOMAT has strong whiting capability. EPTA AUTOMAT does not damage washing machines. It actually protects them from the corrosive effects of other powders/detergents. EPTA AUTOMAT washing powder is not recommended for face or body washing.

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